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Access-high-speed-internet.com was born out of my frustration with being unable to get a broadband internet connection in the rural area I lived and worked.

For years, I've resided next to a national forest in New Mexico which has certainly brought a quality of life I couldn't have had in a city. But getting a faster internet connection wasn't easy.

Hence my search for high speed access has led me to uncover some myths and truths about broadband access which I hope will help you in filling your own need for speed.

Since I'm not a techie, I've written these pages in simple language whenever possible. For those who want more technospeak, I'll be providing newsfeeds with the latest developments in broadband and high speed internet access updated hourly.

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If you are new to internet access options, start at internet access options for a comparison of high speed internet access choices.

If you already know what type of broadband you want but would like reviews and comparisons of high speed internet providers, go to compare providers.

You can also access the latest broadband news for developments in technologies and services.

And for web site owners who want to earn income selling high speed broadband services, see the affiliate program.

Speed up your Internet connection with these great tools! Access cheap DSL provider services in your area. Most programs are self-installing and come with extras.

Phone conferences via web conferencing - Compare service providers for managing phone conferences via web conferencing

Want to see how fast you can browse the web from the comfort of your couch? Try WebTV

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Free service that boosts connect time free. No programming or software required. Win you sign-up, you are entered in a contest to win valuable prizes. See how to increase internet speed

Get faster connections with this modem booster software.

And if you've been asking yourself Where can I find DSL service providers in my area? here's the place to look.

high speed internet access

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